Cadenza Studio Recording Studio in Sants, Barcelona



Cadenza Studio offers two acoustically treated rooms (15m² & 18m²) connected to a control room with window. The console allows live recordings with up to 32 analog inputs.

Pro Tools, Logic Pro, wide range of microphones, instruments and high quality plug-ins and VST.


More than ten years of experience in mixing different styles of music such as Pop, Rock, Indie, Folk, Grunge, Classical, Singer-songwriters, etc.

Check our portfolio for examples of previous work mixed by our team.


Final process before your listeners can fully enjoy your music, the mastering helps make your record sound as a full homogeneous entity.

Even if your songs were not recorded/mixed in Cadenza Studio, our team will make sure your record stands out.

Arrangement / Production

With more than 50 albums produced and arranged, we can help your songs reach their full potential.

Our team is made of producers, sound engineers and multi-instrumentalists who, together, can play drums, guitars, bass & upright bass, keyboards, percussions, cello, backing vocals, etc.

Soundtracks / Advertising

We make music and jingles for videos, advertising, movies, apps, tv series, etc. Both instrumental and sung, any style.

We record voice-overs in any language and can provide you with a wide selection of voices to choose from.

We do the post-production and audio treatment for your audio tracks.


We also shoot and edit videos of your recordings at Cadenza Studio or help you record your video clips.


(+34) 93 167 93 71

Carrer Cardó 11-13 Local, 08028 Barcelona, Spain


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