Come and record your podcast at Cadenza studio!

We have a lovely spacious podcast room that comfortably fits 4 people. The cosy lighting provided will make you feel at home.

We can use Logic Pro or Pro Tools to record your podcast, whichever you prefer!

Do you need help editing your podcast? No problem! We can edit your podcast and even add music from our massive library of royalty free music if needed.

All recordings are done with Shure SM7B microphones, which are one of the best mics out there for podcasts. We also have a multi-channel desk, making it easy to record multiple mics at the same time.

Would you like to video your podcast? That’s also no problem!
We can video and even edit it if you need us to.

Connect to our wifi, have a glass of water, tea or coffee, sit back, relax, and record the next episode of your podcast.

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